IMG provides clients with the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the land acquisition process helping position the asset and maximize value
Experience and Expertise Translate Success
IMG provides clients with the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of the land acquisition process. In advising our clients, we leverage our experience with our knowledge of current market conditions to help clients perform a rigorous and thorough investigation; saving our clients time and money.
Our team combines the years of experience for specialist from the following fields: developers, investors, finance, construction and many more.
Our Services
• Due Diligence
o Title review
o Planning, zoning, land use
o Market studies / Comps.
• Site investigation & assessment
o Report management
 Geo-tech, environmental, traffic, sound, etc.
 Civil & Utility coordination
• ALTA, Phase 1, Soils review & summary
• Environmental clean-up management
• Entitlement processing
o Agency & Jurisdictional approvals
• Bond Issuance
• Consultant management
Underwriting & Proforma Development (Financial)
With extensive portfolio working on a diverse range of projects, IMG has developed an underwriting method that quickly and accurately helps place your asset in its highest and best use
Underwriting & Proforma Development Services
• Project feasibility review
• Due Diligence
o Proforma review & modeling
o Equity stacks and waterfalls
o Peak equity calculations
o ROI, IRR, & NOI analysis
• Sensitivity analysis
o Delivery variances
o Market absorption
• Risk analysis
• Development budget preparation
• Investor / Lender presentation package
• Financial performance review – ongoing

Financial Services
• Due Diligence
o Project cost validation
• Developer / Client management
• Actual performance variance reporting
• Construction loan management
o Draw processing and completion verification.
o Fund control coordination
o Project reporting