Construction Cost

Anticipated total costs for a particular land development project can vary widely depending on the cost estimator’s experience and assumptions about a project’s location, construction type, and the quality of the available cost data at the time of estimation. IMG developed our Proforma model supported by decades of data from our own real estate development projects. IMG continues to supplement and refine its database of cost estimating contributors so that our clients can base their financial planning decisions on the best cost estimating services in California.

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Construction Cost Estimates Services Include

Underwriting & Proforma Development Services

  • Project feasibility review
  • Due Diligence
    • Proforma review & modeling
    • Equity stacks and waterfalls
    • Peak equity calculations
    • ROI, IRR, & NOI analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Delivery variance​s
    • Market absorption
  • Risk analysis
  • Development budget preparation
  • Investor / Lender presentation package
  • Financial performance review – ongoing

Financial Services

  • Due Diligence
    • Project cost validation
  • Developer / Client management
  • Actual performance variance reporting
  • Construction loan management
    • Draw processing and completion verification
    • Fund control coordination
    • Project reporting

Construction Cost Estimate Projects

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